Global Sourcing
At NEC we strive to keep our eye on the market

Because we are a market leader in our industry and a well organised sub-contractor of engineering services we have developed a specialised procurement service to complement our in house manufacturing facilities.

We have worked hard in forming a strong contact base of quality suppliers in low cost countries which have exceeded our compliance expectations.

This way we don’t only offer our in house manufacturing services but the ability to propose unique and targeted cost saving packages to our varied customer base.

The benefits of global sourcing are countless. Firstly, our own quality approved suppliers are cherry picked on a stringent compliance list which doesn’t stop when we approve them.

Regular visits and vetting ensures that the suppliers continue to perform with quality as a priority but are also educated to our top class quality standards.

In addition to constant vetting, we offer an in-house inspection which means that quality is always ensured and the risk to our customers is minimal.

Our global sourcing services includes fabrication, moulding, machining, tooling etc.

Samples can be made available on request. .

Global Sourcing Summary
High and low volume supply
Massive product range
Global supply chain
Cost savings